Wac Arts College provides alternative education for 14-19 year olds through a creative arts and media curriculum

Consolidating over thirty years’ experience of using arts and media education to turn disengaged young peoples’ lives around.

Wac Arts College – Physically Closed, Virtually Open

We recently bid farewell to our principal of 6 years, James Fornara. While we wish James the very best with his future endeavours, we are delighted to welcome Nick White to the team as Wac Arts College’s Interim Principal. Below, he introduces himself.

Dear students, parents, carers and colleagues,

Until April 30th April of this year I was semi-retired. I retired on 31st August 2018, having been the Principal at Parkwood Hall Co-operative Academy for 12 years. I have worked all my professional life in special education. My passion has been to provide students with the best education possible, while also making sure that their needs for nurture, acceptance and personal growth are met.

For me, the most important aspect of any school or college is the way in which it identifies and demonstrates the core values of the organisation and the people who work in it. These core values are not dreamt up in isolation by some clever marketing people, but they are evident in every little thing that the members of the community do. I recognise that Wac Arts College has a deep and powerful set of values, which have enabled it to make a difference in the lives of many students. I hope, during my time as Interim Principal, to be able to identify and strengthen those values, to make them more explicit and to use them to make sure that everything we do is aimed at improving the quality of the provision and the impact we make in the lives of our students and their families.

It is very strange to be taking up this post in the middle of a lockdown, with the college physically closed but virtually open. I am very grateful for the support of Camille Curtis, who has a new role and title as Head of College, and the rest of the SMT, as well as the support of Claire Lillis and T4 Trust, with whom I have worked over the last year as a freelance school-improvement adviser; focusing mainly on Ian Mikardo School until very recently.

I look forward to the time when the college starts to re-open, when I can talk face to face with students and get to know parents and families. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.

Best wishes


Nick White (Interim Principal)
M: 07539 918797 
E: nick.white@wacartscollege.co.uk

Camille Curtis y Van Dyke (Head of College and Designated Safeguarding Lead)
M: 07497 112723 
E: camille.curtis@wacartscollege.co.uk

Glenn Dallas (Head of Pre-16)
E: Glenn.Dallas@WacArtsCollege.co.uk

Leon Hazlewood (Head of Pre-16)
E: Leon.Hazlewood@WacArtsCollege.co.uk

Joanna Thompson (SENCo)
M: 07497 112728 
E: Joanna.Thompson@WacArtsCollege.co.uk

Cordelia Longworth (College Business Manager)
M: 07572 206601  Cordelia.Longworth@WacArtsCollege.co.uk

Welcome to Wac Arts College

We provide alternative education for 14-19 year olds through a creative arts and media curriculum. The school consolidates over thirty years’ experience of using arts and media education to turn disengaged young peoples’ lives around.

We believe passionately that learning can – and should be – enjoyable. A creative curriculum puts pleasure back into learning, particularly if you have been alienated from or excluded by ‘traditional’ and ‘mainstream’ statutory education.

Avoiding and resisting learning in school can often be signs of imagination and creativity. Many young people in alternative education are especially well suited for a career in the creative industries and our curriculum ensures that young people are able to work towards meaningful accreditation and qualifications enabling them to access the creative industries and other post-19 options in accordance with their aspirations and dreams.

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