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Here you can login to your email and view your calendar, or go to your cloud drive to download and upload documents and files by clicking on the links on the right. You can also use the portfolio link to update your online portfolio or to create your own websites to share with your friends. For more information on how to get a login for this section, or if you have forgotten your login details, please see your tutor or a member of staff who can assist you.

Your term dates and times can be found here or if you need to urgently contact a member of staff you can use the telephone numbers below.

James Fornara Principal
Direct line: 020 7692 5873
Mobile: 07539 918 797

Camille Curtis Head of Post-16 and Deputy Principal
Direct line: 020 7692 5876
Mobile: 07572 209 496

Glenn Dallas Head of Pre-16
Direct line: 020 7692 5877
Mobile: 07572 209 525

Leon Hazlewood Head of Pre-16
Direct line: 020 7692 5887
Mobile: 07572 209 525

Cordelia Longworth Senior Administrator
Direct line: 020 7692 5860